DIY Farmhouse Welcome Sign & Planter

May 24, 2019Caitlin Hoover

I made a DIY Farmhouse Welcome Sign & Planter by upcycling an old chicken coop door and adding dollar store materials to top it off!

DIY Farmhouse Welcome Sign and Planter 2 Millennials and a Farm Healing Moon Farm and Ranch

How It’s Done

  1. Take a door off the old chicken coop that you won’t be using anymore

  2. Put a nail in the wall and hang the door on it

  3. Buy galvanized tubs from Dollar General for about $3/piece

  4. Drill holes in the bottom of the tubs for adequate drainage

  5. Use screws to drill the tubs into the chicken coop door while alternating spacing

  6. Fill the tubs with dirt appropriate for cactus and succulents (well draining)

  7. Plant your succulents

  8. Use sticky strip hooks to hang your Dollar General solar lights where you want them

  9. Nail in a “Welcome to the Farm” sign (also from Dollar General) or any sign you prefer. You can also paint at the top!


Here is a video showing how I did it

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