Chicken Coop Makeover Part 2

Jul 08, 2021Caitlin Hoover

We are back with part 2 of our chicken coop makeover series!

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Turning a 10 year old, half-forgotten chicken coop we inherited with the property, into an adorably colorful hen house! It's time for a chicken coop makeover and upgrade. I'll be repainting and staining the outside, installing 2 automatic coop doors, adding a fenced in pasture area, rebuilding the doors, and upgrading their feeders. Plus, adding some fun bird toys to the enclosed run - like a chicken xylophone. This will be a multi-video series like our DIY hoop house build. Enjoy!


In this video we finish up painting and staining the coop, plus add upgrades to the enclosed run for the chickens. Coming soon in the next videos: building in automatic coop doors, fencing in a pasture, building a wooden gate to the pasture, and introducing 12 new hens!


Chicken Feeder:

Chicken Xylophone:

Chicken Swing:

Pine Pellet Bedding (to de-odorize and prevent mud build-up):


Our Camera Set up via Pivo Pod:

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