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Shampoo bars

I have stopped using all shampoos from a bottle. They always felt like some type of residue stayed in my hair. The shampoo bars here at healing moon farms are amazing. Plus the natural oil leaves a great smell on my hands and head

Seeker Gift Box
Shelly Bland
Beautiful Clean fragrance

It’s refreshing to find a candle that is truly clean. I look forward to trying each one!

Thanks so much for your review, Shelly!

Great product, great people!

Great products and great customer service. Very helpful and very kind! Thanks again!

Thanks so much for your review Joshua!

Love love love this Lavender Vanilla scent. Can't stop sniffing it😁

Shampoo bars

Ok so I have been using your hand soaps for a few years. I noticed the dramatic difference moving away from cheap soaps that seem to run out at least 5 times faster than a single bar.

But I finally decided to use the shampoo bar that I have been keeping in the bathroom vanity. I have used this for2 weeks and my hair is getting healthy again. Plus the amazing natural smells last the whole day between showers. Great product!!! I am a big fan

Beeswax Candles with Essential Oils
Lisa Dennis @ BuffaloSageBoutique.com
LOVE everything about this candle!!💕

I have the Lavender Sage candle, and I love everything about it!
Backstory: I have been searching for an amazing and sustainable product line to brand a special scent for my boutique when I came across this company.

This scent is heavenly. Not over powering like some scented candles an has a very balanced aroma . Comes with a wood wick so you get the crackling experience while burning. Has a 45 hour plus burn time. Let me nerd out for a minute about the planet, The jar is a recyclable Amber color glass (this also helps filter the light to preserve the scent longer). Even the label is eco-friendly! The label and the adhesive are non-toxic, compostable and made from sugarcane!
I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a product line! Can’t wait to see what you can make for my boutique! Saving the planet one product at a time. 🌎
Now on to try out the soap and laundry products. I’ll let you all know how those do for me as well! If you haven’t purchased a candle yet, you won’t regret it!
Wanted to mention it also will purify the air as it burns. I have been burning it now for about 3 weeks and the aroma lasts long after it is blown out. 🤯
Thank you Healing Moon Farms for crafting such an amazing and eco-friendly product!
~Lisa Dennis 🦬

It's Just Awesome

This candle is just awesome. It is very clean burning and has a wonderful sent that gently lingers even after the candle is extinguished. My husband was impressed by the sent as well. When he saw the word lavender he thought is was going to overwhelm the sage and it doesn't. We find it well balanced. I really like the wick too.

The jar it comes in is very sturdy so you don't worry about chipping. The cork stopper will keep my nosey kittens out while not in use. It also came very well wrapped in the box.

I love the wood wick, the scent, everything!

I got my candle in the mail this morning, and kept it burning about an hour and a half. I have nothing but good things to say about it! Shipping was fast, customer service was fantastic, it was well packaged and undamaged. I love the wood wick, the scent, everything! I’ll be buying from y’all again.

Love it !

This candle is relaxing and refreshing scent ! I could smell when opening the package. It was very well packaged and quickly arrived . Definitely will purchase in future another scent to try!

Really like the ability to try the different smells!

Thanks for your review!

Love the smell and will purchase again

Thank you for your review! We are so happy you liked our hand poured beeswax candles :)

Clean burning and smells great!

Thank you for your review!

Smells so good!

I really love this shampoo bar (and the condition bar)! It cleans my hair really well and leaves it super soft. Plus it makes my hair smell amazing!

The Best!

This is my favorite!!!! The scent is FABULOUS!!! And my skin is soooo happy. I give all the soaps a thousand stars!!!

Great soap!!

Friendly people and great soap!! Eggs are always fresh, too!

A little goes a long way

My hair is so shiny and soft! I've noticed a little goes a long way with this conditioner bar. If you use too much, your hair will feel heavy. But if you use a small amount, it will feel light, moisturized and bouncy!

Itch relief for my dog

With the recent news of name brand dog shampoos making pets ill, I decided to go the natural route. This dog shampoo relieves my pup's itchy skin and instantly takes away the redness and irritation for a few days.

Japanese Cherry Blossom but natural!

The bath and body works "Japanese Cherry Blossom" fragrance is my favorite scent of all time. However, I've recently developed an allergy to something in their synthetic fragrance. I switched over to this natural essential oil version and noticed 2 things - it smells 10x better than the synthetic fragrance, and it doesn't give me headaches or irritate my skin! I'm glad I don't have to give up my favorite scent due to allergies and can use pure essential oils that have therapeutic benefits in the process.

So much better than store bought Tide

I noticed a HUGE difference in the cleanliness of my fabrics after switching to this natural laundry powder. It took about 5-6 loads before the old liquid synthetic detergent from the grocery store finally got out of my machine and clothes. Then I noticed my fabrics were softer, had a lighter scent (instead of intense perfumes from tide), and my skin no longer got itchy when I wrapped up in my blankets or wore my clothes.

The best

The only shampoo bar I'll use.

Wonderful for eczema and Keratosis Pilaris

Soothing for sensitive skin!

Dermatitis cure

After years of trying everything for my sons severe dermatitis on his scalp and behind his ears it finally started to heal and was completely gone after using the shampoo/ conditioner bars for about 4 months. (One bar lasts that long!)
He has quite a bit of hair and it has maintained softness, shine, and great texture while using, Plus the smell is so nice! 🥰 we will continue to reorder when available!