DIY Barn Door Project

Mar 29, 2019Caitlin Hoover

We made a barn door ourselves!

Our guest room had an open closet without a door. It was driving us nuts! So we decided to grab some materials and DIY our own modern farmhouse barn door. The materials we used are listed below as well as a video walking you through step by step.

Note: Our polyshades gooped up on the side of the door we originally wanted to display, so we turned it around and displayed the other side instead. We plan to retry other barn doors later with a separate polyurethane and stain.

Materials Needed:

  • 6 - 1in x 8in x 8ft boards

  • 3 - 1in x 4in x 8ft boards

  • Wood Filler

  • Stain

  • Polyurethane (we used a 2 in 1 stain and poly called polyshades but didn’t get the result we wanted. We would recommend buying them separate for a better result.)

  • 1 1/4 in drywall or trim head screws (use coarse thread screws for soft woods and fine thread for hard woods to avoid splitting your wood)

  • Sanding block (we used a fine 220 grain for soft wood)

Note: At 5:40 Caitlin is saying to use the sanding block after the wood filler dries to make it flush.

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