DIY Custom Wedding or Holiday Greenery

Dec 17, 2020Caitlin Hoover

We purchased a bunch of beautiful floral and greenery items from Michaels for our wedding that we planned to use as centerpieces. However, 2020 brought a lot of twists and turns. Due to the pandemic and our move, we decided to cancel our wedding.

Seeing as we hate to spend money on one-time use items - we decided to upcycle our wedding centerpieces into holiday garland! The good news is, it turned out beautiful. And we can always add different items to the garland to make it fit other holidays. For Halloween, I plan to replace the berries with little pumpkins!

We will also be able to disassemble the garland and use it for its original purpose - as wedding centerpieces- at a later date if we so choose. Check out the video below where we walk through how we did it. Did you make your own? If so, please comment below and let us know how it turned out!

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