DIY Hoop House Build: Part 3

May 20, 2021Caitlin Hoover

We are back at it with part 3 of our DIY FarmTek hoop house build! It's time to put on the plastic! Unfortunately, as soon as we got the end panels up, an unexpected thunderstorm rolled through and ripped all of our hard work down. It was a rookie mistake, but we are learning! We decided to pivot while awaiting new plastic to be delivered and built out our first raised bed! Some Info on the hoop house - this is a FarmTek aka GrowSpan hoop house model we ordered after speaking with a rep about our growing needs. We decided to go with one of their smaller, economy models (the 20x12x24' GrowSpan Round Economy High Tunnel with Film and a drip irrigation kit). The frame is made of galvanized steel and can be cemented into the ground, placed on a raised foundation, earth anchored, or buried depending on your set up. Due to the high winds we get here in the mountains, we decided to cement 2 corners, AND use 6 earth anchors with paracord to keep this guy on the ground. With our extremely rocky soil, and uneven mountain surface, we ended up not being able to get the baseboards flush with our ground. So we got creative to make it work. So far so good!

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