Farm Dog Bath Time

Nov 12, 2020Caitlin Hoover

Healing Moon Farm & Ranch™ is home to two lovely, energetic pups. Our long time family pet Annie-Lou, nicknamed Lulu, who is a Border Collie/German Shepherd mix and 13 years old. As well as our newest canine family member, Kaiju, an Anatolian Shepherd ~2 years old.

Kai and Lu.jpg

Our dogs love to explore the 80 acres, act as guardians, take care of the chickens, and splash in the creek. BUT, they usually HATE bath time! We purchased some highly recommended dog bath products online to see if it made bath time any easier.

Check out the video below where we try them out and list some pros and cons.

Items used in the video:

BingBing Dog Bath Tub

Dog Shampoo

Dog Cologne

Suction Cup Lick Pad

De-shedding Brush

Professional Dog Dryer

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