DIY Service Road Landscape

Jun 07, 2019Caitlin Hoover

We were tired of hauling the finishing mower, brush hog, and weed eater to the end of the service road just to keep the grass and weeds low enough for FEDEX delivery to find our service road! So we decided to DIY our own low-maintenance service road landscape.

Before Landscaping

Before Landscaping

We planted cactus native to the Texas area so we never need to haul water buckets down to water them. We also used lots of weed block landscape fabric so we rarely need to weed - except when that extra pesky weed decides to root. In the past 4 months, we have only weeded the area once and it took a total of 5 minutes! A few determined weeds grew in areas we didn’t overlap the weed block fabric (so it was our own fault). Now, we simply weed eat around the edges of the large landscape stones and we are done!

After Landscaping

After Landscaping

How We Did It

  • Used large landscape stones to line the perimeter of the area

  • Lay weed block landscape fabric using metal stakes to hold it down (be sure to overlap fabric edges by 6 inches)

  • Cut X’s into the fabric where we wanted our cactus to go

  • Plant cactus at container depth

  • Cover visible landscape fabric with 2 inches of landscape rock

  • Place solar lights for ambiance

Watch our video below to see how we did it!

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