The New Fence is Ready!

Apr 26, 2019Caitlin Hoover

We Finally Finished the Fence!

We are so so happy to announce we finally finished the fence! I know what you are thinking, finally! It may have taken us a good 4 months to get it done but that’s because we only had the weekends and some sever weather that held us back.

Now the fence is done and llamas and sheep are on the way! We can’t wait!

How We Did It

  1. We cut the existing stretched wire, as close to the posts it was stapled into, as possible

  2. We cut or bent the existing T-Post clips off

  3. We used a flat head screw driver and a hammer to wedge behind the fence staples and pull them out (we re-used most of the staples!)

  4. We removed the old stretched wire and barbed wire from the area and gave it away to a metal recycling company

  5. We used a combination of a weed eater, brush hog, chainsaw, and lawn mower to clear brush away from the fence line

  6. We replaced any bent T-posts with new T-posts (I think we only had to replace a total of 6 posts)

  7. We spray painted the T-posts black

  8. We rolled out the new stretched wire on the ground from one cemented-in post to the next cemented-in post then cut it to length

  9. We stood the newly cut stretched wire fence up next to the posts, and stapled one end into the first cemented-in post

  10. We then attached a fence stretcher (you can buy at any tractor supply or hardware store in the country) to the other end of the fence (not stapled in) and used a wedge and the tractor to slowly stretch it taught

  11. Once stretched, we stapled that end into the other cemented-in post and used T-post clips to attach to all the T-posts in between the cemented-in posts

Did that sound confusing? Then watch this video below that shows how we did it!

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