Buying a Tractor

Sep 07, 2018Caitlin Hoover

I think it's safe to say we have learned our first lesson of farm life. A single, rusty, dull-bladed push mower is not enough for 15 acres. We definitely need a tractor. So like the true millennials we are, we did some online research and came up with a handy check list for purchasing the right tractor. 

Here is the list of things to consider before buying your tractor:

1. How much property do you have?

2. What is the terrain like? (rocky, hilly, cactus, etc)

  • Depending on your terrain you may need a higher horsepower tractor to traverse hills and get around heavy brush.

3. What is the proportion of brush generating trees and plants to grassy meadows?

  • If you need to remove a lot of brush, you are going to need a brush hog, front loader, or some other implements to make your life easier.

4. Are there any special features that you would like?

  • Do you want an air conditioned cab to make your life easier? Do you refuse to work without a surround sound stereo system? Yes, they have those in tractors now.

5. How important is brand loyalty to you?

  • Are you a John Deere fan and willing to pay the extra dollar for a brand name and warranty? Did your family work for Ford for generations and you now feel obligated to buy a New Holland? Well, maybe that was a specific situation to me...

6. What is your budget and do you qualify for financing?

  • If you have cash, great! If not, you may want to be prepared to look at financing rates and compare. The trick here is to not think about your amassing and crippling student loan debt. Seriously, don't think about it.

7. Consider used versus new

  • Used tractors can be great because they cost less money up front. But don't let this trick you, the more working hours on the tractor, the more likely it will need repairs soon. Much like a used car. Also consider, some used tractors come from discontinued series and the manufacturers no longer make the parts.

And that's the list! 

We also made a video about it below:

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