The Rainy Day Greenhouse Project

Sep 13, 2018Caitlin Hoover

The time is finally here! We get to prioritize the greenhouse! My little vegetarian heart is so pea pickin' happy! Okay let's be real, I am the one who will be using the greenhouse. Brady is in charge of the grill and sourcing his meat. 

But no fun project is without it's boring prep work. There was quite a bit of stuff left behind in the greenhouse to go through. But I am not one to complain - much of it was great pots and reusable items I can’t wait to up-cycle!

We put together a fun video showing before, during and after. (Plus a little insight on the crazy hats we wear). And hopefully, we will have some yummy veggies to show for it later this year.

Check out the video we made below! 

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