Poisonous Mushrooms and Thousands of Ladybugs

Oct 04, 2018Caitlin Hoover

We have been busy here at the ranch. A family member recently lost their beloved dog to a poisonous mushroom. We had no idea dogs would get into something like that! After finding out, we have been keeping a close eye on our font yard where we let the pets play.

Low and behold, we have 2 types of poisonous mushrooms that pop up everywhere when it rains! They have some pretty gnarly names too, Death Caps and Destroyer Angels. I wouldn’t want to eat them either!

Death Caps in Our Front Yard

Death Caps in Our Front Yard

We have been diligently pulling them out of the ground and treating the areas with an organic mixture of white vinegar, plant based dish soap, and warm water. Unfortunately, the spores spread so fast we cannot seem to catch them all! We may need to turn to a more harsh method of treatment like a fungicide.

In line with our commitment to organic gardening- I released 4500 ladybugs in the greenhouse! These powerful bugs eat non-beneficial insects such as aphids and protect your plants and veggies. It was a blast to set them free. Check out the video below!

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